Q: When will new features will be available?
A: We don’t have a definitive schedule. We are working on many features that require time and effort to complete, and we will try our best to release them as soon as we can. The most important feature that we want to release is of course the online multiplayer feature.

Q: How do I gain more XP?
A: During games, try to win more rallies, win more sets, and make less mistakes while playing to earn more XP at the end of the game. XP are rewards for better performance.

Q: What can I do with my credits?
A: In game credits can be used in the game store, which is not yet available right now. Continue to collect credits until the store comes out!

Q: The opponents are too hard to defeat!
A: Try to vary your shots during the game to take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses. Also try to avoid errors during rallies. Keep playing to earn XP and to level up, which will give you a chance to upgrade your player’s abilities. Also, soon you will be able to purchase accessories in the store to upgrade your player’s abilities.

Q: The opponents are too easy to defeat!
A: Don’t worry, we will add more difficult opponents regularly to continue to add challenge to the players. We will improve the opponent’s AI so that they react better in certain game situations.

17 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. i want more tougher opponents. topan tan is so easy to defeat i want opponent that as good as lee chong wei or lin dan so that i will be interested in playing.
    thank you and God bless.

  2. What can i do to win more XP???

    I always win almost the some, in games. Is it possible win more XP with any sequenc of vitorys, games or anything else???

    I would to now that. Thanks a lot.


    • Currently, the XP you gain after a game is based only on that game. The more points and the more sets you win will award you with more XP.

      But something we want to add is some rewards for things like winning streak, daily rewards, special events and tournament play. They are not implemented yet but it’s something we plan on adding in the future.

    • Hi, the store is not yet ready to be deployed since the goal of the store is to customize your player’s appearance, and that part is not implemented yet.

      Maybe we will deploy the store in two steps. The first one would be to give the players a chance to upgrade their abilities, and the second one would be to customize their appearance.

      Stay tuned for more info on that.

  3. If power and speed point can e recognized through the speed and shot power, then what is the effect of endurance and technique in the game ? Please explain to me !

    • Hi! The game is still in beta so the attributes will eventually have more complex effect on the game, but the technique gives you more consistency and precision on your shots, and have less mishits. The endurance will give you more stamina that will be used later. The stamina will limit your ability to jump and smash all the time, you will have to manage your game better and attack at the right moment.

  4. Hi there

    first of all: I like your game. It’s the best Badminton Game idea out there at the moment IMO and you are definitely on the right path. So here is my Suggestion: October is here and still no new features. Maybe it would be better to do the updates in smaller steps, so the progress is more obvious and people stay interested.

    Looking forward to seeing this game grow.
    Keep up the good work!

    - Freezer

  5. Great game although the movements of the characters need to be more detailed for better enjoyment

    OVERALL : ” Its a great game loads of fun to play ”
    Keep It up ;-)

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